Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hudson's Smash Cake- Part 2

Other (probably more fitting) titles for this blog post include...

  • Watching Cake Boss episodes on Netflix does not MAKE me a Cake Boss
  • Why People Pay Professional Bakers Hundreds of Dollars to Make Cakes
  • Thank Goodness This is a Smash Cake and Not the Real Cake
  • Let's Just Pretend This Cake was Made Not Only for a 1 Year Old, but also BY a One Year Old
  • and finally.... Eff You, Fondant (pardon the implied profanity)
So yes, tonight I worked on the fondant letters for Hudson's smash cake.  It was hard. I'm starting to understand why people take classes for cake decorating. Let's just say I'm um... humbled... by my efforts tonight and I'll be signing up for a cake decorating/fondant class soon.  

But the letter blocks are done!  They aren't perfect by any stretch, but they are done, and they do look like blocks with letters on them, which is what I was going for.  I learned that you have to work very quickly with fondant or it dries out and cracks.  I'm not sure if there's any way to smooth fondant out that has cracked, but if there is, I didn't discover it tonight. 

My efforts at a 3D "1" made of rice crispy treats and covered in fondant were pretty frustrating... the results were scary.  The fondant wouldn't smoothly cover the surface and began cracking and falling off.  I should have taken a picture, but I tossed it in the trash in a fit of rage... just kidding...sort of. 

The good news is, the letters are done and I've picked out the cake and icing recipes I'm going to use, so all that's left is the easy stuff- the baking!  I'm still going to try to figure out if I can somehow get a 3D "1" of some sort on the cake.

I'm planning to finish up the cake on Friday night and I'll post a final update and pictures afterwards. 

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  1. Sissy! You are way too funny! The letters look awesome!!! Thank you so much for doing this for us.
    We love you!
    ~Christina and Hudson